biggest zits on the bodyNo one is unfamiliar to zits. Right from the adolescence years, almost everyone has faced the growth on pimples on their faces and bodies. Oily skin people are more prone to such zits than the others. Usually this problem goes away once one is past the teenage years, as the hormones settle down by then. But, in some people, zits continue being a part of their life. Recently, there has been news all over the internet how worlds biggest zit was popped. Such huge zits may seem unbelievable, but they are simply an extremely severe form of the normal zits that we tend to get day by day. Once the zits reach such a big shape, it becomes difficult to get rid of them easily. So, prevention is always better than cure. Given below are the causes which lead to zits. Knowing the causes will help you avoid letting your zits get severe.

Extremely oily skin

It is a commonly known fact that oily skin is the most prone to have acne breakouts. The reason is quite simple. If the skin is oily, then the excess oil tends to block the skin pores. If the skin pores are blocked, the body toxin is not able to get out and as a result, it gets trapped and the area swells up. This results in zits. This is why oily skin requires regular and intense cleansing routines. Unless and until it is kept clean, the pores will keep getting blocked and the acne will get severe – which finally may result in a big zit.

Hormonal imbalance

Why do you think the acne breakouts begin in the adolescence? This is the time when the body undergoes a lot of changes and the hormones are usually highly fluctuating. Such hormonal imbalance disturbs the normal oil secretion of the skin and also the balance of toxins. Hence, the skin experiences bad acne breakout. This will get severe if you have bad diet habits, which further add to the toxin. The more toxins the body has, the more will be the eruption of zits, some of which become very severe.

Cystic zits

If you have a zit which is unnaturally huge, then the chances are high that the zit is a cystic zit. These zits are way different from the normal small pimples and blemishes on the skin. The cystic zits are usually filled with a huge amount of fluids and the cover a large body surface area. The reasons for this kind of huge zit are the same as above – only in a magnified way. Also, if the person suffers from a family history of bad skin problems, then the propensity of incurring such severe acne condition would be more. Such huge zits are better off being removed by a professional dermatologist or any other doctor – as improper treatment of the area can result in spreading of the infection and massive scarring. So, if you get a big zit, instead of trying to pop it yourself, entrust a professional with it.