Podiatry TreatmentNowadays, people suffer from various physical issues. But while taking care of the other parts of the body, people generally forget to take adequate care of legs. You need to consult a podiatrist in order to take care of any leg related problems. Different conditions of the ankle, foot and leg can be treated and diagnosed by podiatrists. Lefort Podiatry is one of the best podiatrist clinics in Melbourne. Both types of Regenerative Injection Techniques – Prolotherapy and Perineural Injections are offered by this podiatrist Forest Hill. Lefort Podiatry has itsclinics in Doveton, Mount Waverley and Forest Hill.

A comprehensive podiatry service for the treatment and assessment of lower limb related conditions and ankles of all activity levels and age groups is provided by Lefort Podiatry. The professional podiatrists of this clinic diagnose and treat ankle and foot disorders. A more healthy, enjoyable and active lifestyle can be led by you after getting the treatment from these podiatrists. A wide range of issues from skin care and simple nail care to more complicated problems requiring ultrasounds or x-rays and advanced treatments is treated and diagnosed by the experienced podiatrists of Lefort Podiatry.

Podiatry Conditions

It is important for all – babies, children, adults, elderly and diabetic patients,to have healthy feet.

Some of the common foot disorders are described below:

  • Achilles Tendonitis

A dull ache in the Achilles region above the heel bone is the initial symptom of Achilles Tendonitis. The cause of the pain is the inflammation of the tendon due to its overuse that ultimately results in microtears. Sometimes, surgical repair is required when there is a complete rupture of the Achilles tendon. The risk of injury is increased by the foot posture especially when you roll your legs excessively inwards. Achilles tendon pain can also be caused due to the lack of proper warm up before any exercise. Wearing inappropriate shoes must be stopped immediately to get rid of this problem.

  • Arch pain

Acute or chronic injury to the soft tissue of the foot is included as one of the many causes of arch pain. Facia is an envelope that surrounds the four layers of muscles of the foot. There are blood vessels and nerves in between these four layers. If any of the layers get injured, it causes arch pain. Tightness, burning and tearing sensation underneath the foot are the symptoms of arch pain. Podiatrists do the general treatment to manage and determine the reasons of this issue.

  • Bunions

The other name of bunion is Hallux Abducto Valgus. This structural foot deformity has four main stages. Hereditary factors, footwear, foot posture and rheumatoid arthritis are the risk factors of bunions. Inflammation and irritation of tendon and ligament, Bursitis on the side of the joint, joint degeneration and arthritic changes are the symptoms of bunion. Footwear changes, soft tissue mobilisation, orthotics and foot and ankle joint mobilisation are included in the treatment of bunion.

These are some of the leg related disorders that require podiatry treatment. The experienced, professional and knowledgeable podiatrists of Lefort Podiatry can help you to get rid of any such pain.

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Last Modified: December 11, 2017