Natural Organic Eucalyptus Fiber Mattress ProtectorWe all are aware of the fact that we need 7-9 hours of sleep every day to stay healthy, fresh and productive. Also, children need even more sleep. We also tend to spend most of our sleeping time lying down in our beds. So, it is quite evident we spend at least 7-9 hours on our beds everyday. And having a good night’s sleep is very much important for our daily professional lives as well as it keeps one healthy. This, in turn suggests that taking good care of your bed is very much important. One of the best ways to keep the mattress of your bed in good condition for a long period of time is using a mattress protector. It helps you keep your mattress free from dust, pollens, allergen, moisture and accidental bedwetting caused by spillage of water, or by your child or even by your pet. So, to help you buy one mattress protector for yourself, we have listed some of the best waterproof mattress protectors available in the market below along with their brief review.

Natural Organic Eucalyptus Fiber Mattress Protector – The natural organic Eucalyptus fiber mattress protector is made of tencel made of cellulose fibers extracted from eucalyptus tree. And the outer layer of this mattress protector is made of cotton, making it waterproof. The moisture absorbing properties of tencel fibers resist the growth of bacteria keeping your mattress fresh and healthy. It also has hypoallergenic properties making it free of allergens. It comes with life time warranty and 90 days money back guarantee making it even more attractive to prospective buyers. Moreover, this fiber made mattress it completely machine washable making it easy to clean. This very mattress protector is available in all sizes. However, the quality of this mattress protector is not as good as some of its competitors in the market. And, the lack of padding makes it look flat and not enough comfortable.

Sleep Tite Hypoallergenic Mattress ProtectorSleep Tite Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector – The Sleep Tite hypoallergenic mattress protector is made of cotton terry fiber making it very comfortable to use and comes with fifteen years of warranty. This product is available in four different sizes making it a very convenient product to buy. This mattress protector is vinyl free, making it environmentally friendly and healthy. Waterproofing capability of this mattress protector is pretty commendable. This very mattress protector is also machine washable, making it very convenient to use and easy to clean. Moreover, the price of this mattress protector is pretty cheap compared to its quality. However, this mattress protector only covers the surface of your mattress and doesn’t encase your whole mattress.

SafeRest Premium Mattress Protector – The SafeRest premium mattress protector is also made of cotton terry fibers like the previous one making it very comfortable to use. This waterproof mattress protector comes with ten years of warranty and is available in five different sizes. The quality is very good when compared to its price making it a value for money product. However, this mattress protector is found to retain a lot of heat and the queen sized version does not fit well.

Apart from these mattress protectors, there are some other good products are also available in the market. Go through the reviews and buy the one the suits your requirements the best.

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Last Modified: March 20, 2019