DermaTend Mole and Skin Tag Remover is among the most highly rated and effective non-prescription mole remover that is available on today’s market at Available at a retail price of only about $40.00, this mole and skin tag remover is very affordable for how effective it is. Some similar products retail for $60.00 or more, and are sometimes even less effective at clearing up moles and skin tags than DermaTend is.

Safe All Natural Ingredients

Whenever consumers are learning about a new type of dermatological product, many of them want to know about the safety of these products. After all, you wouldn’t want to apply relatively large quantities of some kind of cream onto the surface of your skin without first being able to verify whether or not this material is safe for your body. With DermaTend, only all natural ingredients are used so consumers who have decided to use this product can be assured that DermaTend is among the safest mole and skin tag removal options available anywhere.

Sold by the BioScience Institute, DermaTend is a product backed by extensive research into the biological factors of moles and skin tags, and specially formulated to provide users of this product with exceptional mole and skin tag removal ability. In order to let consumers know more about this outstanding product, some of the benefits and characteristics of DermaTend will now be introduced.

Superior Convenience

DermaTend allows for consumers to treat their moles, warts, and skin tags in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. Removal of all of these skin ailments and impurities becomes a quick and easy task with the aid of DermaTend, since it can be applied by virtually anyone to insure that healthy skin is encouraged. Each bottle of DermaTend is good for removing roughly four moles or skin tags, so each bottle can significantly help individuals with these kinds of skin issues. Using DermaTend for many different types of skin issues and impurities can insure the safest, and fastest available method that still utilizes only natural ingredients in its formulation.

Uniquely Blended Herbs and Minerals

The unique blend of herbs and minerals that is used in DermaTend is what’s responsible for the product’s high rate of effectiveness in curing moles and skin tags. The formulation of DermaTend comes after years of dermatological study, and represents a state of the art formulation for this kind of mole removing ability. There is no other product available to consumers today that can offer this kind of herb and mineral blend; the DermaTend formula is honestly one of a kind.

Extensively Tested

Since the formula used in DermaTend has been tested extensively, skeptical consumers can rest assured that this product will work for them even if other similar products have not worked for them in the past. With clinical testing, and a highly successful time on the consumer market, DermaTend has already shown itself to be a useful and effective way of conveniently getting rid of the kinds of moles and skin tags that some people are bothered by having.

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Last Modified: September 16, 2014