physiotherapyPhysical therapy or Physiotherapy is one of the departments of health care that devotes itself to remediation of impairments in mobility and functioning of the body, through assessment and diagnosis and physical intervention, with the purpose of proper restoration of all physical function and performance of the body.

Sometimes our body ceases to function at an optimal biomechanical level and this invariably leads to problems and imbalances in the body which cause pain and hampered performance. Physiotherapy may be recommended for a variety of reasons. More often than not, physiotherapy is used as a means of recuperating from a surgery or an accident that has caused disturbance in bodily movement also known as injury management. It is used along with other medical and health therapies. Besides this, it is also recommended alongside other medical or rehabilitation services.

The determination of the type of physiotherapy depends on the problem and the complaints of the patients. Physiotherapists work with different problems such as poor posture, improper working techniques and practices and various other bad habits that need immediate addressing. Correcting these issues helps in the treatment of the patient on the whole. Physiotherapy as a process helps in eliminating or gradually reducing any chances of the problem recurring again. It helps in giving the patients long term relief from the problem and avoids further degeneration in the patient’s medical condition.

Physiotherapy offers a variety of approaches to the treatment of a certain problem depending on the core area of concern. Based on the assessed and diagnosed problem, there are a few treatment techniques you can expect like joint and spinal mobilization therapy, core stability training and ergonomic as well as work station assessments and advice. Besides these, they also provide strength and rehabilitation training and muscle energy techniques.

Physiotherapy provides a highly efficient and qualified team of experienced and professional physiotherapists. They are known for their superior quality of services and for providing the best outcomes for their patients. Their latest assessment techniques provide the best assessment and treatment for every problem and complaint addressed by the patients. The treatment is specifically designed to suit the individual needs of the patients after analysing the root cause of the problem and providing the best possible treatment to address it.

They have a simple five step approach to every problem. The first step is locating the core area of concern and the prime cause of the pain. The second is treating that specific cause of the problem and not merely addressing the symptoms of the problem. The third step is educating the patient to accelerate the process of recovery. The next step is to focus on preventing the injury and avoid any further relapses. The final step is getting the patient back to their normal lifestyle.

Besides providing services in physiotherapy by Physiotherapist Frankston experts as well as surrounding suburbs of Sydney, they also provide other services like massage therapy and address many concerns like sports injuries and knee, back and neck pain as well as postural disorders. They also have a proud expert team of researchers and physiotherapists to help you lead a healthy and pain free life.

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Last Modified: January 17, 2018