PhysiotherapyAsia Physio commenced physiotherapy Malaysia where they use mechanical force to treat ailments like knee pain, shoulder pain, and neck pains. They offer intense care to all the patients, which make them the most trusted physiotherapy center in Malaysia. Having two physical centers in Malaysia in the midst of the city of Kuala Lumpur, they are committed to providing the best solution to all your problems at affordable prices.

With their state of the art center, it is guaranteed that you would get the best treatment under expert guidance. Moreover, the rehabilitation center is accredited to top class universities so one can rest assured about the quality of the service provided by Asia Physio. Apart from Malaysia Asia physio, have physical centers located in Singapore and Tokyo as well.

All the expert physiotherapists at Asia Physio are recruited using a centralized system to ensure that the quality of service is similar to all centers across the globe. These professionals are experts in their own fields and have years of experience. You would experience the difference once you step into the center. Through the one to one session conducted by the team with the patient, the physiotherapist gets to know about all the medical ailments the patient is facing. Based on this discussion, the physiotherapist can suggest the best remedy to cure the problem permanently. The therapists also educate the patient about their ailment so that they can plan their rehabilitation on their own. This is one of the benefits of taking physiotherapy from Asia Physio because you know completely about your ailment.

Their services are not only limited to physiotherapy. They also take care of women health and ACL’s treatments. They also provide post-operative rehabilitation care along with which they suggest patients about endurance sports to practice to cure the problem. They are specialized to treat injuries caused due to snow sports as well. Headaches, body massages and bike fitting are also among the services offered by them. They also offer digital exercise programs that help the patients do exercise at home, if it is difficult for them to reach the physical center.

Detailed information about the services can also be obtained from their website where the contact details of the physical centers are also present. Booking an appointment is very simple. This can be done online through the website. Just a button click and your appointment is booked at your preferred date and timing with the expert team.

One can also enroll for their new patient’s offer, by which the patient can avail the benefit of getting a free consultation from the expert team at Asia physio. The initial consultation phase involves discussion about the history and diagnosis and finally the treatment plan made by the therapist. This can be done by walking up to any of the physical centers in Malaysia or it can also be conducted over a phone call.

Therefore, if you are suffering from the above-mentioned problems and need a physiotherapist’s help immediately you must definitely visit Asia Physio once.

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Last Modified: March 21, 2018